"Music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day. I saw another one just the other day. A special new band. I remember lying. I don't remember a line. I don't remember a word. But I don't care, I care, I really don't care. Did you see the drummer's hair?" Cut Your Hair, Pavement

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  1. He's feeling it. Digging this!

  2. super like.

  3. Can I say this, "This is sexy as all get out!!!" I love it!
    It's WONDERFUL!!! How are you? I am still getting settled in, but I love Charlotte. It's awesome. Hot as heck, but beautiful just the same. I had to come by and see what you where up too. Hope that you are staying cool and creative where ever you are today.

  4. AWESOME!!!! :D

  5. Great photo!