"You were a child, crawlin' on your knees toward it. Makin' mama so proud,
but your voice was too loud." Kids, MGMT


  1. Oh my goodness how true! Yes indeed. I just love this little boy. I know he's loud and noisy and we all just want him to go to bed, but I like his noise. Great photo.
    Thanks so much for making my day with you comments man! Your words are power man. Thanks so much for juice.

  2. So cool! love the facial expression, very well captured Donny! :) love the B/W too

  3. i am childlike, i hope my voice wasnt that loud...?


    how have you been?

  4. sweet!

  5. Children express so freely.

  6. Hey Donny, thanks so much for dropping by and making an old lady smile again he he he he!!! So you know about Tyree Guyton's work?? How fabulous Donny. Really this makes me so very happy. I haven't met him as of yet, but hope to very soon as it is the 25 year of the Heidelberg Project. According to my agent this is a really big deal. I had a wonderful time working on this book. An artist doing artwork about another's artist's work is difficult in and of itself, but I had fun working on anyway. I will let you know when it comes out. I got the proofs on the other day and I was so pleased and happy with them. Can't wait to see it all bounded together finally.
    Thanks for cheering me on man.
    Big Ups to you,