"it better work out. i hope it works out my way. 'cause it's getting kind of quiet in my city's head.
takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now." teenage riot, sonic youth


  1. Wow. How many years am I behind you?

  2. he he he he he he he! You are to funny Donny!
    Love it.
    Hey I came by to see your fabulous work, but to also wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season. Hope that you are doing well and working. The year is going by so doggone fast Donny. I feel like we should be somewhere around September right now. The world is spinning to fast. Anyway, I had to come by and wish you a Happy cause you deserve it he he he he! High five, Knuckle bump and all.
    You are the man. Wishing all things wonderful for both our New Years. Big Hugs man.

  3. oh nice!i remember sonic youth, my goold ole college days!

    thanks for passing by my place...yep im back, i did miss blogging a lot!

  4. i want that tshirt!!!!!!!!

  5. oh btw, what a coincidence.
    been listening to this old track Superstar---a cover of The Carpenters---lately...

  6. Awesome shot, perfect composition, very dynamic!