fred says, 'hoot!'

"disappear everywhere and watch me pull my lips apart. exploit inspire encourage. be responsible for this." bananafishbones, the cure

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  1. Here you go with more AWESOMENESS!!!! It never ever ends with you. Dang man, You got all the talented he he he he he!!! Hey, you know you made a black girl blush??? That ain't easy to do either LOL!!!!!! Thank so much Donnie, cause you made my day. Seriously, I really appreciated those comments on m blog. I am so busy right now that I haven't really had time to blog, but when I saw your message I just had to write back and thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was off the chain fabulous!!!
    Thanks Donnie,

  2. The Cure!!
    my fave album: Disintegration.
    One of the greatest albums of the 1980s.... sighs.

    i really love your perspective on things!

  3. heheh, hello, i like disappearing.

    never heard of the cure trilogy!!!!
    thank you for letting me know :))

    the smiths... hmmmm, i love this guy Steven Patrick Morrissey... more than Robert James Smith.... i heard that they dont like each other.... rumor has it.

  4. Awesomeness! This is so cool buddy! love it!

  5. Hey Man, Always glad I can make a friend smile Keep smiling man!
    Peace out!