and around and around we go.

"there are maybe ten or twelve things i could teach you. after that, well, i think you're on your own. and that wasn't the opening line. it was the tenth or the twelfth. make of that what you will." there are maybe ten or twelve, ac newman

5 comments :: and around and around we go.

  1. I love ferris wheel photos! The tint on this one is really nice; gives it a slightly retro feeling.

  2. Fantastic!! Great perspective to capture the feel of a ferris wheel. Thanks for the ride :)

  3. ferris wheels scare me more than roller coasters sometimes! this is a frightening photo! ha.

  4. reminds me of some old song:
    You think it's tragic
    I think he's magic
    He makes every day a happy carnival
    Life is a circus
    Nothin' can hurt us
    We'll turn every frown we see
    Into a smile

    by Nikka Costa...

    *nice capture*

  5. This is off the chain fantastic and fun! I love it. Coney Island here I come! Wow this just takes me back. I can smell the pop corn, fresh hay, and cotton candy. Love this piece.