hold the mayo.

"i know we're going to meet some day in the crumbled financial institutions of this land. there will be tables and chairs, there'll be pony rides and dancing bears there'll even be a band. cause listen, after the fall there will be no more countries, no currencies at all. we're gonna live on our wits, we're gonna throw away survival kits, trade butterfly-knives for adrenal. and that's not all. there will be snacks there will. there will be snacks, there will be snacks." tables and chairs, andrew bird

6 comments :: hold the mayo.

  1. classic feel to this. great angle too.

  2. Oh I can smell dim fries!! Oh my goodness those goes my hips! Dang!!! This is such a moment captured for sure he he he he! thanks so much for stopping Donnie. I so love when you show up dude cause you make this fluffy girl's day. Have you ever heard of this wonderful blog called Theydrawandcook.com??? I think you would love it and could contribute something fantastic! Have a great weekend.

  3. amazing shot! very well captured...i love this!

    Cheers from Portugal

  4. i think there are few pictures that can pull of black and white and this is definitely one of them!! :))

  5. This photo is quite brilliant :)

    I love the lyrics of the song you posted below!!! oh man! I gotta check that out!!

  6. thanks everyone for all the great comments! vanessa thanks for that link! 'tis awesome. and, ashley definitely check it out. he's one of my absolute favorites and he's brilliant live!