"and the world could die in pain and i wouldn't feel no shame. and there's nothing holding me to blame. makes you want to feel. makes you want to try. makes you want to blow the stars from the sky. i'm taking myself to the dirty part of town where all my troubles can't be found." head on, jesus and mary chain

5 comments :: socks.

  1. Christmas skating.

  2. very cooool!!!!
    you must know that everytime i leave you a comment, i always want to listen to the song as well! :))

  3. Oh wise one if you borrowed my stuff for even 3 days you would be like, " Danggggggggg ( I have to say it real ghetto like k) I ain't know she was really so jacked up. She always be messin up @#$#!!!!" LOL!!! And who prey-tail would be doing your fabulous stuff??? I surely couldn't do the magnificent photography and prints I see over here! Sure use the palette they are only color. Honestly I would LOVE to see what you would do with it. It would no doubt be the BOMB!! BOO-BOOM! Your work should be in galleries it so off the chain fabulous and full of excitement. I love it!
    Do something with the palette and let me know who it turns out! Of course you know I'm going to want to see it he he he he! Hugs to you Donny! Your the best man!

  4. Dude loves Christmas.