feliz año nuevo.

"wholly, we have come for light. it's true. i am the sun. i am the new year. i am the rain." new year, the breeders

7 comments :: feliz año nuevo.

  1. beautiful :))

    happy new year, wishing you all the best!!!!

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Love that blazin' red. And I've always had a fascination with smoke :)

  3. This is SWEET Hot and Spicy!!! Great Photo!!! Happy New Year to you Donny!! I know it's going to be a good one for you. I just feel it in my bones!

  4. Great photo Donny. I'm a huge fan of silhuettes (they are so strong graphically) and the smoky red background in this is just wonderful.

    Might make a dark, moody, and mysterious black & white too?

    Good stuff.

  5. This leaves much to the imagination! Terrific colors!

  6. Amazing shot!

  7. Brilliant capture...has a sense of brooding mystery!