again, again. wheeeee. again, again.

"the finches and sparrows build nests in my chimney. what remains of the small flightless birds that you failed to protect. but their yolk isn't easy in fact it's a drag as they're blowing through cornfields and mountains of rags." spare-ohs, andrew bird

12 comments :: again, again. wheeeee. again, again.

  1. Beautiful. I don´t know why, but it remainds me the Atticus daughter.

  2. hello Donny!
    are you a photographer too?
    you are a photographer who likes to draw...
    thats cool!!!
    are you real? :D

  3. and oh, i forgot to ask: are you on flickr too? (i dunno, since you're a photographer... could be...)

  4. wow, you are too, too kind!

    ratu - :) ... i'm a graphic designer and the photography is something i just like to do on the side. i am on flickr (donny*gallagher) but a lot of it is stuff i post here.

  5. thats great, really!!
    if you dont mind, i just added you as my contact :))

  6. ...and just left you a silly comment.. :D

    wishing you a nice day, i'll be back soon to see some more stuffs!

  7. hahaha. cool. i have a separate flickr account for illustration so your gonna see me add you twice. :)

  8. ok!
    and im following you here :D

    have a nice week ok!
    and dont forget to take some pics :D

  9. This is precious and priceless. It simply warms my heart :}

  10. wow! thanks so much!

  11. this is too adorable. What a little cutie. I love the pic too :)

  12. thanks!