ho ho *indeed it's that time again* ho.

"wrap up your teddy bear, hang your stockings up with care it’s a carolina christmas we’re chillin’ in our underwear. well old st. nick’s got a bag of tricks and he’s comin’ ’round after ’while. this must be his favorite haunt ’cause we always do it up in style. grandma’s got the fiddle and grandpa’s got the bass, when it’s christmas in carolina it’s christmas all over the place." carolina christmas, squirrel nut zippers

5 comments :: ho ho *indeed it's that time again* ho.

  1. Scary doll fascination!!!

    But it's cool.

    Just kinda freaky.

  2. Amazing that it is that time of year again, already.


  3. Festive in an odd way. Yes, tis the season!

  4. hahaha. thanks everyone! i didn't think this one was scary. he's part of the vintage german nutcracker collection. so maybe only a little scary. :)

  5. I like this picture: brilliant!