back from the land of elvis.

"everything i needed and i wanted, used to be that my head was haunted. and all these sirens they make me mad. and all this violence it brings me down. i feel strong i feel lucky." letter to memphis, the pixies

5 comments :: back from the land of elvis.

  1. My airplane pictures never come out this good!!

    This picture is heaven.

    Sorry, I had to :)

  2. What! You did this? Wonderfully serene. Maybe there is heaven....


  3. ashley i totally knew you would. :)

    zapped yep. this was the sun being mighty cooperative on an early morning flight. also may have helped that the plane's windows were nice and clean.

  4. how was elvis :)?

  5. Lovely! I'd dive into this sea of clouds for a nice fluffy swim :)