just straddlin my old saddle, but y'know please don't.

"blood on the pedals, blood on the grips, steel-leveled, chest-level smear. my lips let them slip into a smile because now after awhile it's all we're seen to do."
lockdown, fugazi

8 comments :: just straddlin my old saddle, but y'know please don't.

  1. So lonely.

    Beautiful as usual.

  2. "Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is stealing mah fence!"

  3. My interpretation: the lock is a person holding tightly to an ideal that does them no good.

    Don't know why I felt like interpreting. ha.

    I like Burt's comment :) hehehe.

  4. Wow, you have the coolest blog i've seen in a while, it's so unique, I'm glad I stopped by

  5. josy thanks ma'am. good to see you again!

    burt wahahaha! where was that line when i was titling this entry? heh.

    ashley interpret away, but do i sense a bit of rob in that interpretation? hmm.

    lyrically speaking well, thank you for stopping by! and thanks for the compliment. you have some mighty fine work out there.

  6. It's beautiful and poignant.

  7. oh RD, ive been away from teh blogland for some time and one of those places ive missed is your witty place

  8. zapped thanks so much!

    deli thanks! it has been a long time. welcome back!