times squared.

denise in the middle of it. you have no idea how many shutter clicks it takes to get a shot clear of the massive, mobile crowds. even in 14 degree weather.

"hells kitchen is a dmz, i'm never coming back. no disneyland, trash can baby, yeah
it'll give you a heart attack. the times square shuffle, manhattan flip, twenty four hour groove. working up a frenzy baby, people push on through." new york city, the cult

5 comments :: times squared.

  1. Gorgeous shot, filled with a smile, color and action.

    Have a very happy Valentine's day!

  2. smashing photo! I adore the colors!

  3. zapped oh thanks so much! and i hope you had a happy vday as well.

    ashley ooh. a british exclamation. this must've been a good one. :) points for smashing!

  4. What fun and joy! Hope you had a bunch of great NYC food...

  5. of course. absolutely. and, without a doubt.