new york, baby.

just got back from new york city, so be prepared to get bored with scenes from me walking through nyc. i've got over 500, ha. this is from the subway adventure from manhattan to brooklyn.

"lookin out the window, watchin all the people go, buggin off a funny vibe cause now it seems they're equal. wonder what would trane say, wonder what my pop say. buggin off the calmness in the apple." pacifics (ny is red hot), digable planets

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  1. Oh, how fun! I get to see NYC and not have to visit :) Looking forward to it. Nice shot!

  2. haha ... thanks! nyc was one of the few places i've always wanted to go. and i'm already planning a return. probably not as soon as i would like, but i didn't get enough.

  3. post those pictures!

    I am impatient, can't you tell?

  4. patience, grasshopper, patience. i've got 550 photos to go through. soon i'll post the flickr set link. happy? :)