because i lied.

i can't leave nyc without this. one of my favorite shots from brooklyn. just out of range is a really kick ass record shop named earwax records.

"in the stillness of the evening when the sun has had its day. i heard your voice whispering come away now ... new, new york." new york, u2

5 comments :: because i lied.

  1. LOL! It's hard isn't it? Great photo and I'm happy you included it. Looks like a cool shop. Btw, I love your new profile pic. Another self portrait?

  2. Amazing Photo...there's so much to look at I could spend and hour staring and still find new things.

    Ohhhh, I have to go there!


    Bedford Ave. was one of the stops I saw every day when I visited NYC.

  4. coolio

  5. thanks everyone!

    zapped it sure is. this one is a bit more true and recent.

    ashley yes you do! go, go now. :)

    burt haha. right! and, rub it in why don't you.

    deli thanks!