something of a cloudy day.

"to the outside, the dead leaves, they cover the lawn for'e before they died had trees to hang their thoughts. at every occasion I'll be ready for the funeral."
the funeral, band of horses

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  1. awesome picture!!!!

    That's how san diego looked when it was on fire.

  2. wistful...but i love this compo....

  3. Dramatic! I adore the golden hues mixed with black.

  4. ashley sd was on fire? recently? well, southern louisiana wasn't. just interesting cloud coverage, bad weather, dusk and a camera filter. ha.

    deli thanks! ... as always.

    zapped thanks so much. it was quite surprising the colors came out this contrasty. but hey, i'll take it.

  5. san diego (yeah, pretty much the whole thing) was on fire in 2003 and 2007. Since we don't get clouds like THAT, that's what the smoke looked like.

  6. you are a creative man!! I like the intro to your photo web site :)

  7. how did i not remember that?

    awww shucks! ... thanks! its still in progress and i keep changing it, because i dont really know what i want to do with the space.

  8. There is something beautiful, peaceful and yet tragic when the sky looks like it on this pic!

  9. thanks so much! i'm glad it came across.