monkeyin' round.

playing around with iso grain for facebook photo shootout's grain subject. unfortunately fb uses some weird ass compression which turned this into a bucket of mush. argh. good thing it was just an experiment or i'd have to raise seven kinds of hell ... cause that's the kind of hellraiser i am.

"the profit margin blinds them, they groomed and ostracised him, his calm makes my blood boil."
put your dukes up john, arctic monkeys

3 comments :: monkeyin' round.

  1. you and your scary puppets!! ahhh!

  2. Raise hell any time, I like what you do when it happens. This monkey is a mix of funny and scary. Love the look!

  3. ashley now why should i have expected that from you? hmmmmm ... :)

    zapped haha. thanks! i promise not to go too crazy, although the next post is fairly odd.