"inside a broken clock, splashing the wine with all the rain dogs. taxi, we'd rather walk, huddle a doorway with the rain dogs ... for i am a rain dog too."
rain dogs, tom waits

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  1. Your namesake post, RD, :)

    This is a quiet piece and the colors and light resonate the contemplativeness. Of course, the little one could be waiting to pounce, but only he knows....

    Here's to an enriching New Year!!! Peace to you and yours.

  2. i'd rather walk with rain dog too, and our cameras
    one of many good things in 2008 was 'talking' to you
    keep cool my friend!

  3. zapped haha! ... thanks so much. and all good things to you, this new year.

    pod hey! there you are. its been a while. let's keep that 'talking' going ... keep that 5d clicking (which i'm completely jealous of, btw) :)

  4. I love the color of your son's eyes. Chocolate! So cute!

  5. so cute....

    happy new year to you and your loved ones!

  6. ashley thanks. i'll be sure to tell him although i'm not sure he'll pick up on that. hearing chocolate will probably have him running for the candy jar.

    deli thanks so much! and the same to you and yours!

  7. Thanks for the compliment on my art! It's so encouraging! I've looked at a lot of photo blogs and yours is definitely one of the best! I really like the quotes you put with them.
    Nice work!

  8. HaPpy NeW YeaR, RD! Looking forward to more of your wonderful and witty photography.

    Peace to you and yours!

  9. What a beautiful piece.
    You've captured a quiet moment wonderfully.
    This is one of my favorites!
    Keep up the good work.