his mother wrote his name in chalk,
saying it first and then spelling it.
'oliver. o-l-i-v-e-r.'
he proudly repeated what she said.
'oliver. o-l-t-7-purple.'

"scuse me while i kiss the sky." purple haze, jimi hendrix

9 comments :: o-l-t-7-purple.

  1. Those eyes – so precious! You've warmed my heart with this one RD. You're one lucky man!

    Have a good one.

  2. :) Kids make me happy...they hold the whole world in their eyes, and they see pure beauty. We forget that beauty often as we grow older.

    Who is this, rain doggy dogg?

  3. Well if this isn't the cutest picture/story combination. Now my latest post makes me feel like a big shrew, haha.

  4. zapped thats so nice of you! thanks!

    ashley :) ... this is ollie bird aka rainpup.

    caitlin you can just imagine him standing over you, eyes fixed on lunchtime oreos. *whisper, whisper* haha.

  5. i agree with Ms GZ: thsi is a heartwarming post....

  6. wait, wait...so this is your son? I didn't know!! what a cutie pie :)

  7. Well, actually he'd be fixated on the fork and spoon at my desk, haha.

  8. deli :) thank you kindly

    ashley you betcha.

    caitlin you underestimate the power of a cookie haha. but i forgot about the desk utensils!

  9. I keep thinking back to my intro psych class and trying to come up with the process behind a response like that, and then I scold myself, "It's an awesome spontaneous bit of imaginative perception. Don't try to explain it!"

    Adorable story, and similarly adorable Rainpup. :)