hiss, crackle, pop.

"see this needle, a see my hand. drop, drop, dropping it down. oh, so gently. well here it comes. i touch the plane. turn me up ... wont turn you away. spin, spin."
spin the black circle, pearl jam

9 comments :: hiss, crackle, pop.

  1. Could have been the cover of our favorite movie :)

  2. haha! precisely. when i downloaded it off the camera, it reminded me of the opening scene and the title of the post was almost 'you're gonna miss me'.

  3. i like it, it has a mystery effect. but then again, i think all your pictures are and i mean it as a compliment

  4. Beautiful! Great lighting. Yes, I miss playing LP's.

    Have a splendid week!

  5. I really enjoy this one. Reminder of a time when music wasn't quite so commercial. And I love the way the dust is caught with the light. I think it makes the picture even more genuine.

  6. So nostalgic!
    And I love how you've captured the light...

  7. deli taken as a compliment. :)

    zapped thanks! i can't say that i've played many myself, but my younger brother swears by their 'true' sound. can't say i agree but i do dig the nostalgia about it.

    caitlin muchas grass! i like that thinkin. :)

    denise thanks so much!

  8. i just spent a little too much money on a new turntable. i love vinyl....something else to collect!

  9. pod, here's hoping you find all those smiths vinyl rarities. :) cool new profile pic, btw.