um, boo.

"bonfires burning bright. pumpkin faces in the night. i remember halloween."
halloween, misfits

4 comments :: um, boo.

  1. Um, eek.

    Lovely use of light and dark!

    On a random note: the first phrase that came to mind when I saw this was "grinning maw." :)

    And a Happy Halloween to you!

  2. I have a feeling that you like the Shining. You love taking some sinister pictures :)

    Did you carve this? I carved a pumpkin this year for the first time in ages!!

  3. josy *laughs hysterically* if i had heard that phrase before now, i guarantee the title would have been grinning maw. :)

    ashley the shining? only one of the greatest films evah! but don't you think carving pumpkins on hallows eve is, by nature, sinister? so, i cant take any credit for any sinister-ness on this one. >:)

  4. Fantastic! Great capture and lovely toothless smile :)