"and now and then as i close my eyes, my foolish ways goes and becomes my pride."
you won't be fooled by this, albert hammond jr.

5 comments :: mclitter.

  1. I like the photo, but it angers me that someone littered. haha.

  2. I very much enjoy this one. The darker colors and sharpness of the pebbles are great. And I just realized there are ants all over that cup.

    About the littering, in keeping with a comment you left me... damn children.

  3. one thing i really cannae bear is litterbugs...or should that be are litterbugs
    oh i just get so confused raindoggle

  4. Beautiful lighting for such a mundane thing...

  5. thanks everyone! and worry not, it found its way ants and all to its proper destination.

    pod i think you had it right the first time. i think. o hell, now i'm confused.