a horse is a horse. um, of course.

"well hey, they just like monsters. they come to feed on us. giant little animals for us."
monsters, band of horses

8 comments :: a horse is a horse. um, of course.

  1. I like the colors. Yet again another creepy toy...at least they come off as disturbing in your pictures (think The Shining). What's up with that?


  2. Wow!
    A little creepy...
    but I like it!

    Nice composition and
    crazy good colors!

  3. of course raindoggie, of course
    g'day mate!

  4. It's yellowriffic. You will like the pics I just posted... ;-)

  5. unless there is a ginormous bird in your backyard!!

  6. but, of course!

  7. Curious snapshot. Great colors for the imagination to play with...

  8. ashley whatever do your mean? this was supposed to be whimsical and bright. a ray of f'ing sunshine. haha :)

    denise crazy good of you to say!

    pod g'day! i always wanted to try that out and finally i have the chance.

    rrramone fffantastic! love em.

    ~d how true that is. but, i still think it was your kid that left the tale of the ginourmous bird on my machine. :)

    deli indeed!

    get zapped play away! glad you like.