the girls.

"a wild pack of family dogs came runnin' through the yard. as my little sister played, the dogs took her away. and I guess she was eaten up okay."
wild pack of family dogs, modest mouse

5 comments :: the girls.

  1. awwwwwwwww, I love doggies!

  2. must

    (sorry, one os a few poddities)

    but where is the dog of rain?

  3. arff! Darling view.

  4. i like what pod said...must love those dogs :)

  5. ashley me too. but if i was honest, the boxer is my favorite and the basset back there ain't so nice. :)

    pod you and the ears again. a poddity indeed!

    zapped thank you kindly. although sometimes not so darling. :)

    deli of course!