room with a view. [aggravated and evacuated]

"cash fascination like living dead fed agents. distract us fast from a disaster’s wrath for sure. air war was flooded like the 9th ward."
wild international, one day as a lion

9 comments :: room with a view. [aggravated and evacuated]

  1. What!? That was your view?

    You should've just forgotten about that silly wind and rain and enjoyed the vacation!

  2. haha yeah. its a little hard to tell with the toy cam, but it was a really nice area. unfortunately by the time home was in the clear the bad weather was moving in there. but that is my luck.

  3. Hope things dry out for you soon -- sheesh, what a season!

  4. oh crap....are you all ok?

  5. i hope the weather will turnb kindly soon. our place were recentlky hit too......

  6. sorry to hear about that deli. mother nature can be a bitch sometimes. but everything's good now. thanks everyone.

  7. I love this picture, raindog!

  8. WOW.... I have been really missing your "talent" This has such a vintage feel for it well, retro... O love it! Thanks for stopping by I so so so missed your visits!

  9. you have lovely work.. thanks for sharing!