rocky rocky bo-bocky.

"chewing out a rhythm on my bubble gum. the sun is out and i want some."
rockaway beach, ramones

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  1. rock on raindawg!

  2. you have amazing photos here! simple and yet full of drama.. 8)

    thanks for droppin by my blog..

  3. hahahaha. Nice title. GUESS what movie I watched today!!! Come get ONE guess...

  4. pod i'm a rockin of course.

    atomic thanks so very much! and welcome.

    ashley well, tell me ... did he listen to pop music because he was miserable? or was he miserable because he listened to pop music? :)

  5. You're so smart, you're like an unappreciated scholar or something. :)

  6. Beautiful...
    And a little sad...

  7. Full of strength! We need this. thanks.

  8. This is hot in full-view. Seriously. Very Ansel-Adams-ish.

    (I hope you don't take that as an insult.)

  9. woudl love to stay here and get soem snaps

  10. thanks so much everyone.

    josy haha. of course not.