skinny legs and all.

"how will you ever walk again? and i, i might as well be dead. but I could kill you instead..."
legs, pj harvey

11 comments :: skinny legs and all.

  1. I love this image!
    And the title made me laugh out loud!



  2. truly skinny, and green!

  3. Ahhhhh! I love it!!!! I kinda wanna name the little guy...he has wanderlust like me :)

  4. lucky tom robbins will do that to you. thanks.

    deli :)

    ashley not sure if he got the wander part. maybe a little more loiterlust. i took about 30 shots and he never moved.

  5. i love the peej
    i saw her this year at the opera house
    she blew me away
    her last album is genius
    i saw her real early on in london too, and she wore nought but a long t-shirt that said 'LICK MY LEGS' in big black letters on the front.

  6. oh hell pod. you just made me one helluva jealous doggy. polly's on my list of need to sees. and don't even get me started on how underrated white chalk is. it is genius.

  7. Have I told you lately how much I love your soulful sepia? That tone, and the katydid green, gave me happy sighs.

  8. ahhh, I see. Then he's the other side of me--the happily lazy side. :)

  9. {;->...

  10. I love how you manage to make an insect macro still reflect your own style. Props.

  11. sweet. i get a wee bit nervous when i post a macro. :)