fire sale.

"for it's the end of history. it's caged and frozen still. there is no other pill to take. so swallow the one that made you ill."
sleep now in the fire, rage against the machine

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  1. Oooh! I've been waiting to see the fire shots. I love this in the fact that shopping carts are a staple of downtown inhabitants.

  2. Can I hire you as my know, to decorate one room in my house?

    And...are you ever going to post again on your other site? haha. Or do I have to think of a post for you? :)

    I kid.

  3. caitlin yeah. i took a bunch, but the whole site was nothing but charred wood. this cart was the most interesting part being the only thing not soggy, black and ashy.

    ashley heh heh. sure i will. as soon as you tag me. :) or, as soon as i find something vaguely interesting to write about that doesn't include any references to any movies i know line by line. now the pressure's on.

  4. have i missed something important? your house hasn't burnt down? or the local supermarket?
    hope all is well
    pj was so small yet so big, and very funny
    don't mean to rub it in
    rub rub

  5. ive been longing for some fire in my heart these this a part f the sale?

  6. Great lines and negative space. I can smell the embers... and hear the wheels spinning.

  7. thank you all!

    pod no worries. just a downtown vagrant hangout/possible crack den. one of these days i'll get to a show and be able to rub back. you're four up on me though (that i know of).