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"i don't mind if you forget me. having learned my lesson, i never left an impression on anyone."
i don't mind if you forget me, morrissey

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  1. found you via getzapped, so glad i did, this stuff is great.

  2. Was this taken at the same location as the previous photo?

    (Both rock, by the way)

    (As usual)

  3. soulbrush hey! cool. welcome.

    josy gee, thanks! and, no, these are from different locations/days. i am actually on the lookout for more shopping carts in predicaments. they're harder to find than one might expect.

  4. they are all over the place here!

  5. I love the idea of a series devoted to shopping carts in predicaments. This one, stuffed with forlorn crap (crap which may be someone's treasure) -- wow.

  6. i like the blue color background. and such a witty perspective i think

  7. Great title! Love the blueness and perspective. Thanks!

  8. perfect title for the excellent photograph

  9. that's a very cautious tree...

  10. wow, thanks everyone! still on the lookout for more, but i'm afraid yours would be a wee bit out the way pod.