"something here that i knew before that i'd forgotten i knew."
what swallows a rainbow, the hysterics

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  1. this is great!

  2. Love it.

    I really like the contrast between this picture and the rocks below. They create a similar shape in the pictures, yet the rocks show a natural formation and the building is manmade, and both have a beautiful sky.

    And really, it's enjoyable to look at such a pristine blue sky.

  3. Nice. I like all your sky pictures. Maybe that's because I like the sky. Yeah, most likely.

  4. pod thanks much, sir. am i going to have to start tapping impatiently again?

    caitlin and a big thanks to you. thats such a nice comment that you've earned one smart ass-free comment from me. i think. :)

    ashley yep. except when those pesky rain clouds come around.

  5. Only one!? I better write an uber smartass post then.

  6. hmmm. i'd better have a disclaimer and exception clause handy for that smart ass-free comment.