"it ain't easy living. i want to be as deep as the ocean. mother ocean."
ocean size, jane's addiction

6 comments :: beached.

  1. Oh, I love the textures and colors, not to mention the allure and mystery! I can almost feel the sand between my toes and hear the waves lapping at the shore....

  2. what? what is this? i though the dog only inhabited old derelict and dark places.....this is not protocol

  3. [Pod will note that RD was lurking back in the shadows of a pile of rocks, which, if one is forced to go to the beach, is probably the darkest derelict place within easy access.]

    Nice triad of elements. I'm liking the abstract composition of the rocks, the sky, and the sand.

  4. i just came back from beach burn and soem remembrance cuts of corals and rocks....i woudl have to described my recent vacation as being beached!


  5. Nice hard and soft geometries, Mr. RD!

  6. hey! thanks everyone. you are too kind.

    i know, i know, pod. i was lost, maybe? but we can go with josy's theory and protocol is again inline.