squeeze on through to the other side.

"we're gonna ride like silver on a desolation moonlight. ain't coming back until the morning light." wooderson, the gaslight anthem

9 comments :: squeeze on through to the other side.

  1. super!
    i wanna go inside!

  2. ahhh, very cool. hooligans!

  3. lol this is a cool tagline for the photo. 8)

    and i like your taste of music (based on your blogger profile)

    cu around..

  4. Very mysterious.
    Great shot Raindog!


  5. a hooligan at heart, maybe. heh heh.
    thanks everyone! and welcome, velvetsigh. yes, i do have impeccable taste in music. :)

  6. Chickenwire = ouch.

    (for squeezy-through purposes, anyways.)

    Lovely image as usual, Mister RD. :)

  7. well spotted doggster. hope all is well with you and the pups

  8. Awesome shot! So interesting and pleasing to the eye some how.


  9. Like some mathematician's dream of theoretical honey, that wire mesh.

    Nice shot, RD!