simply, bench.

"hangin with the brown rice clique, tennyson and politics."
water and a seat, stephen malkmus and the jicks

7 comments :: simply, bench.

  1. would like to share a pew wiv you

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person with a strange obsession with benches.

  3. Simply, lovely.

    Which camera did you use, RD? It looks like one of your analogs.

    ...Tho' if it were, you'd probably've said so.

  4. Very calls me to sit and chat with an old friend...nice -thank you.

  5. simply it RD...coudl use some coffe sips and talk in here :-)

  6. Sometimes the wind must come here and park awhile.

  7. jeepers! thanks everyone. you are too, too kind. josy - just the digital with a little extra contrast.