it was a train that took me away from here.

why yes indeedy! this is a repost. for two reasons:

1 - i haven't been able to get out lately so it's repost or nothing.

2 - the above was selected to show in the 2008 art melt. woohoo.

"take me away from my country. i'm sick of the trees. take me to the city."
train round the bend, the velvet underground

8 comments :: it was a train that took me away from here.

  1. for me its the otherwise. i wanna be out of the city for a whil..

    love this picture

  2. I can most def. see why this was chosen! It is a great shot for so many different reasons! But bottom line is Its GREAT! Love it.

  3. great work...congrats on its selection...

    thanks for visiting my blog

  4. go dude! tis a fab shot. quite unsettling. which makes it great. what is art melt?

  5. ::sings the congratulations song::

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratu-lation-lation-lation-lations, congratuLAtions, conGRAAAAAAAtulations! Congratu-lation-lation-lation-lations!

    Because you and your photos are awesome, even if you never set foot outside. :D

  6. Remember when Bill Cosby Ghost got run over by that train? Classic.

  7. This is SO COOL! Glad to hear you are in art shows, you deserve it.

  8. wow. you guys are the bestest!

    pod tis a juried art show in louisiana. not a national thing, but still a pat myself on the back thing. :)

    josy thank ya ma'am! and not a note off key.

    thank ya thank ya thank ya everyone!