wash me.

"some folks float and some are buried alive. with our little boots, we built another world."
shine a light, wolf parade

5 comments :: wash me.

  1. Beautiful, very Miksang! Hey, it's been awhile - love what you've been doing. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I REALLY like this one.
    I like how the letter shapes sort of resemble each other... but are such different types of lettering.
    And I really like photos of letters... but I think I've mentioned that before!


  3. Pretty! I like the blue coloring and the composition i this one.

  4. hey zapped! its been a while. good to see you back again.

    and thanks all of you! i wasn't too sure about this one, but i like the blue. and the decomposition of course.

  5. i love the composition and the color