knock. knock.

"i'm on my own and i can't see straight! am i so stoned that i can't see straight?"
deep inside, incubus

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  1. My first thought was "DUUUUUDE HE'S WANDERING AROUND INSIDE ABANDONED WAREHOUSES THAT IS SO COOL." I've always kinda wondered what that would be like.

    I didn't get the title at first, until I looked at the image full-size. What sort of a crazy person would DO something like that?

    Was it YOU? Did YOU prop up a door to nowhere for no apparent reason?

  2. At full size, if you look closely, there's a sign way in the back that reads "Not Responsible..."
    At least I think that's what it says...

    Another interesting aspect to this very cool image.



  3. I like all the textures going's like wooden confetti :)

  4. this is great. i'm hoping to have a snoop around some old abandoned places when i go back to the uk. go easy, and take care. see you in june!

  5. josy oh i love walking into these. such fun. i didn't set up the door. it was wild enough that i found it like that.

    lucky thanks! i didn't see the sign at first. thanks for pointing it out. i was this close to lying and saying i had noticed it.

    ashley thanks! i'm all about the textures.

    pod oh. please do. i'm expecting you to come back with your camera full i hope you know. have a good trip.