... gets the worm.

"early dawning, sunday morning. it's all the streets you crossed, not so long ago."
sunday morning, velvet underground

6 comments :: ... gets the worm.

  1. Wow!
    I really love this one!

    The title is perfect.


  2. the blue just pops out, and I like the angle at which you took it :)

  3. I am very keen on the simplicity of this... there's something about blue skies that just never gets old. And modern interpretations of our grandmothers' metaphors! It's all very classic.

  4. RD your blues are so contagious. this is another tender shot!

  5. hey, thanks everyone. i guess a little blue filter does wonders, eh?

  6. you couldn't have planned a more perfect shot!

    Got back to you via Get Zapped ;)