el cariduro.

"hermanita ven conmigo. hay aviones cada hora. ¡isla del encanto, me voy! (little sister come with me. There are planes each hour. Island of enchantment, i'm leaving!)" isla de encanta, the pixies

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  1. I just did a Google search to see what "El Cariduro" meant. This post was the third search result.

    So... since I don't know what a cariduro is... what are these, garbage trucks? And... is that early morning light? It looks suspiciously pink.

    It's nifty, whatever it is.

  2. I like the contrast of light blue sky with the darker and slightly red buildings.

  3. thanks guys! i'm not sure what el cariduro means other than being the name on the back of truck one. these are dump trucks, early morning at a nearby construction site.

  4. looks liek a silent and reflectiev morn/day

  5. I always adore your tone and color , your photos are so great AWESOME

  6. yo! how's it hanging dude?

  7. What a beautiful image.
    The lighting is wonderful!

    I love how you can make dump trucks appear magical!


  8. Wwwhhhooooaaaaaaahhh. Lovin' those clouds, and the warm raked light.

  9. Cariduro (Hardface) - is like a nickname given to citizens from Fajardo, Puerto Rico.