caged bird.

"he said, 'you cannot live in the ocean' and she said to him, 'you never can live in the sky.' but the ocean is filled with tears and the sea turns into a mirror. there's a whale in the moon when it's clear and a bird on the tide." fish and bird, tom waits

6 comments :: caged bird.

  1. I always love B&W photography and this is very nice. Composition and I do enjoy the look of the vertical bars.

  2. Do you know why it sings?

  3. thanks jidai. wasn't so sure if i was going to post this one or not.

    caitlin it sings of freedom, of course!

  4. Usually pelican, but sometimes pelican't.

    Thanks for your lovely swooping visits, and I hope all your light is luscious and pearly.

  5. I love your pictures, pretty much. I love how the sign goes from black to gray, with the way the light is playing off of it.

  6. good capture