walk with me.

"take your time and you'll be fine. and say a prayer for people there who live on the floor."
things behind the sun, the mars volta (nick drake cover)

9 comments :: walk with me.

  1. Ooooh! Where does this path lead?
    It's so lonely...
    and beautiful.


  2. i wish i could

  3. I love the untold stories this implies.

  4. I am going to see the Mars Volta in june!

    Oh, Nice pic btw...

  5. lucky thanks! if memory serves, and i like to think that it does, this leads to a feline-filled section of the zoo.

    pod chin up sir pod. hope everything lightens up soon. thanks for coming by.

    josy thanks! hope they're good stories at least.

    thomp oh damn! color me several shades of jealous. thats going to have to be one fantastic show.

  6. you know i will if i can..theres just something so 'beckoning' in this dark roads

  7. glad it came across, but its actually not as dark as it seems. its part holga, part lack of sun.

  8. I really like this. This is a picture I would hang up in my house. It's funny that everyone viewed this pic as dark and lonely. I see the opposite...I see hopefulness.

  9. wow. such a compliment. you are too, too kind. i think its the holga that helps the dark and lonely along.