a little blue.

"now some say he's doing the obituary mambo. now some say that he's hanging on the wall. perhaps this yarn's the only thing that holds this man together. some say he was never here at all."
swordfishtrombones, tom waits

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  1. Very nice. A great balance of light and dark.

    I'm assuming you're using a digital camera.

  2. i love this. so much detail. i especially like the 2nd from top right pane, and the reflection therein. i hope the little blue is not a reflection of you?

  3. I love how dark yet saturated this is.

  4. jidai thanks. yeah, this one's digital. most are, actually.

    pod thanks. worry not, no doggy reflection there. just roamin around abandoned warehouses.

    caitlin a third thanks. shhh ... a happy accident most likely.

  5. I've always wondered what it would be like to wander around an abandoned warehouse. There's one in particular I've seen in north Jersey off of the Garden State Parkway... it's 15-20 stories tall or so, and--much like your photo here--you can see straight through from one side of windows to the other. It is REALLY CREEPY. Sends shivers down my spine whenever I pass it and imagine what the inside must look like.

    (You can see the double wall of windows from the ROAD, 20 stories below, zipping along at 75 mph. Those are SOME WINDOWS.)

    My point: I like this shot, especially at full size.

  6. thanks! and what you are describing sounds really freakin cool! wish i could have a crack at it.

  7. provoking.
    a litle blue reflects me these days

  8. Such a fine find, and nice framing/POV.