half evil.

"and i will die all alone. and when i arrive i won't know anyone."
jesus, brand new

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  1. heh. i love the title. fun fact - my 21st birthday was on 6/6/06.

  2. i knew something wasn't quite right.

  3. Haha. Great picture with a little joke in it.

  4. now my secret is out. i'm one of the devil's henchwomen.

  5. Hahahahaha!!!

    Half evil, all fun and fine.

  6. my favorite number...I'd probably hang this in my room as well.

    I was born on 3/3 :)

    Half evil, sure, but also a very spiritual number.

  7. I love photos of type...
    and this one is wonderful.

    The colors...
    the angle...
    the little bolts in the corner!

    very cool!


  8. wow. thanks everyone! i reckon i should try and be more creative with my titles from now on. is 3 or 333 really a spiritual number? i did not know that.

  9. to chinese 3 is an imprtant number in their feng shui (i forgot,shame on me) but its half 8 which is supposedly a lucky number and my lucky number too, accordingly

    your caption is captivating and os is the picture :-)

  10. thanks. i'll have to look that up. the words, however, are nevr mine. :)

  11. well...with Christianity I know it is: there's the trinity, and then Jesus was crucified at 3 in the afternoon. so, 333 isn't...but 3 is.

    And my sister told me it was a creative number too for some reason??? I don't know where that comes from, haha.

  12. i had never heard that. the crucifixion at 3, i mean.

  13. I'm noticing that all of your titles are very clever. You could write good overlines for newspapers!