"the rum pours strong and thin, beat out the dustman with the rain dogs. aboard a shipwreck train, give my umbrella to the rain dogs. for I am a rain dog too." rain dogs, tom waits

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  1. Nice pic! man, makes me want to get back into photography. Very nice! :)

  2. lost and lonely...



  3. thanks both of you! and thanks for stopping by, jidai.

  4. This is just a great shot! Love the choice of black and white. Great all together and the title rocks as well.

  5. So THAT'S where your Blogger handle comes from!

    I've lovin' the perspective on this.

  6. thanks! yes. a rain dog is a bit of a lost soul, like a dog in the rain that can't find its way home.

  7. ...Awww man.