vignette drive.

"a redder shade of neck on a whiter shade of trash and this emory board is giving me a rash. i'm flat out. you're so beautiful to look at when you cry. freeze, don't move. you've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life."
shady lane, pavement

4 comments :: vignette drive.

  1. this is marvelous! and it looks like where pod sprang to life
    good weekend squire!

  2. Beeeeoootiful. Wish I were there! :-)

  3. pod muchas gracias! for some reason, i figured you having a big city launch.

    lori thanks to you as well. although, this is actually a nasty little place. i must've had an inch or two of mud on my tires when i drove off.

  4. oh i do now, but i was born far far away! love the new b&w