"driving, night again, they're late, car crash. we'll turn to look unless we're going too fast."
we're an american band, yo la tengo

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  1. I think this is one of my favorites. I adore photos of old theaters and this colors in this shot are gorgeous.

  2. thank you kindly. glad you like. i've been looking for more of these decaying, still-functioning buildings.

  3. this is wonderful.
    I love the almost surreal feel...
    the colors...
    the composition...



  4. Hola,
    I have to come here more often, if I can an the moment. I love your style, great work, Mr Raindog. Unfortunately I am so under pressure by my job, which is not my obsession ... I hate it, but I am young (relative!) and I need the money ... hahaha!

  5. topdude

  6. Really nice!

  7. lucky thanks!

    ratzfatz i know exactly what you mean. wish i could spend more time away from the day job. it's been a while. thanks for stopping by.

    pod awww. shucks!

    thomp many thanks. i assume you're busy as well. i miss your photos.

  8. Reminds me of the Teche Theater right near my house. So much, in fact, that I almost posted "Hey! That's right near my house!"

  9. and that would be where? i'm on the lookout. for old theaters, that is.

  10. This IS most def. one of my NEW favorites of yours ... LOVE everything about it !

  11. hey, kim! welcome back and many thanks!