it's all relative.

"say, where did I see this guy? in red river? or a place in the sun? maybe the misfits? or from here to eternity?"
the right profile, the clash

9 comments :: it's all relative.

  1. but where is the original doggy?
    hope you're well mate!
    i can't keep up with blogging this year it seems. i may have to bow out i think
    have a smoov weekend

  2. say it ain't so, pod! say it ain't so. what are we to do without pod pictures?

  3. I was about to glow and smile at your lovely pic, but then -- OMG, a World Without Pod Pix?!

    I know about being overloaded, but sheesh, can't the Podster just throw some things up on Flickr willy-nilly no matter how overwhelmed he may be?

    It would be like a World Without Raindog Pix -- yes, we'd get along, but there would always be a tiny fracture line in our collective hearts.

    I hope I'm coherent -- spent the day traveling and setting up convention booth schtuff.

    Off to rest; despite the fact that I saw the most gorgeous buttery light on a utility box near my hotel, I must recharge before tomorrow's workday.

  4. thanks! and i totally agree. a world without pod pix is entirely unacceptable. (you hearin us pod?) :)

    can't wait to see that buttery light.

  5. ah shucks! you guys!

  6. haha, for some reason, i think they switched expressions for this picture. like the man would naturally be stern and the kid whimsical!

  7. it was tricky, but once photoshop became a verb i found i could do anything.

  8. Hey Raindog,
    I love this foto, great, only great! But I would say it is a bit over sharped, isn´t it?! Any way ... I love it!

  9. thanks! i suppose the levels are a little off.