"dog's got a bone, all of his own. wednesday morning, middle of the road. can't help this feeling, of feeling so alone. gotta go home now, dog's got a bone now."
dog's got a bone, the beta band

6 comments :: django.

  1. doggie!

    I love dogs!

  2. shouldn't everyone? this is django orpheus gallagher, one of my two pooches.

  3. yes, everyone should. My mom has, some freinds have..but i dont, becuase my lifestyle aint good for them :-) i have a stuff toy that is a corss of bear and doggie, his name i gugus :-)

  4. :)

  5. Where did the name Django Orpheus come from? What is the name of your other doggie (and where did IT come from)?

  6. her name is musically-based. django after the jazz musician django reinhardt (one of my favorites from that period) and orpheus after the musical figure in greek mythology.

    as a bonus her three initials spell out dog.

    my other dog was a pound pup. she was already named lizzie.