"pretend the table is a trust knot. we'll put our labels down, faith is down and watch the yards of twine unravel and you'll never get it back."
in the mouth a desert, pavement

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  1. Neat-o as usual, RD. Did you take this on one of your toy cameras, or is the toyish effect entirely the result of your masterly post-processing skills?

  2. muchas gracias. tis just the digital with an extra helping of contrast.

  3. your capture picutres a scene of nostalgia ... tree always have boundless srories ... the kind each of us have interpretations .... and like your words ...ambiguios and it's enough to wander in the minds of your readers

    nice job rain

    good night

  4. Love this...where was it taken? I don't know if my thought is correct.

  5. ptv thanks! trees are that way, aren't they? come around enough and you'll see quite a few.

    caitlin thanks. are you guessing abbeville? because, yup, it's in abbeville.

  6. Oh, I was thinking Rip Van Winkle Gardens. Sadly I do not frequent Abbeville, haha.

  7. If only someone could find a scene where one of these wonderful oaks is letting a massive limb rest upon a bench. That'd be picture-perfect.

  8. true, true. but i'm afraid, i'll have to leave such a surrealistic scene to you illustrators. thanks for stopping by.