if the sun refused to shine, i don't mind.

"up here in my tree, yeah. newspapers matter not to me, yeah. no more crowbars to my head, yeah. i'm trading stories with the leaves instead, yeah."
in my tree, pearl jam

5 comments :: if the sun refused to shine, i don't mind.

  1. yo yo yo!
    i appreciate your loyalty. a true doggie.
    this is great, as is the other lomo. love it!
    sorry for crapness. life!
    low were fantastically melancholic. front row. i pondered on her cheap looking shoes as she played the drums as if she was frying chips at home. brilliant!
    i started reading 'steam' and realised i needed more time to savour it, and that time n'er came, hence my silence....but! i should be creeping back slowly now
    hope you're well young doggie!

  2. I keep forgetting that blur can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Nicely done, RD.

  3. pod front row, eh? you just gonna rub it in, aren't you. :) good to have you back.

    josy thanks so much! i've been playing around with blur a bit and these last couple of lomo shots seemed to work.

  4. love the blur! so poetic...and sometimes, despite teh gloom of such weather, we all need that little not-so-bright days, isnt it?

  5. you are definitely right.