fat tuesday.

from an overcast new orleans mardi gras.

"i could sleep. when i lived alone, is there a ghost in my house."
is there a ghost, band of horses

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  1. such a different view of Mardi Gras. You rose above the din of the crowd to find a wonderfully striking image.
    Great work, Raindog! (As always!)


  2. It may be 77 degrees, overcast, and unbearably humid, but it's MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS! And, as Lucky has already mentioned, you managed to create a beautiful (and I like her use of the word "striking") image! So no griping, RD.

  3. are you from Louisiana raindog?

    I like all the pictures...you have a good eye.

  4. Great pic, and one of my fave mysterious lyrics...


    Happy ghost-chasing and bead-catching.

  5. pensive and chanlleging amidst the broad sky

  6. i've been feelin a bit like him recently
    (i mean grrrr-like, not fat)

  7. lucky thanks so much!

    josy what about the sweaty drunks? can i gripe about them? :)

    ashley yes'm. from louisiana.

    lori don't you love it?!

    deli thanks for the wonderful comment!

    pod i don't believe it. you've seen to much good music recently to be grrrr. chin up. it'll get better.

  8. cool pic and bob's word compliments what you are trying to convey

    good am

  9. (You can only gripe about the sweaty drunks if they're out-of-towners.)